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Downloading and Copyright

On the Internet, you can generally download anything you want.
You may have noticed that there has been a lot of fuss over P2P.
P2P is frowned upon because it allows the free downloading of copyright music.

It has been established that the act of downloading itself is not illegal.
However, if what you download is copyright, you cannot use it.
At least, in countries that respect that copyright.
There are, however, plenty of non-P2P options for legal downloads.
These are incredibly cheap, sometimes free, and with no worries.

MUSIC: Very cheap with many free downloads
In response to the massive downloading of illegal, copyrighted music, via P2P, greatly improved options for cheap and legal music downloads have sprung up.
Music downloads are generally MP3, but there are different formats available for such as PSP, iPod, etc.
eMusic: 4 million tracks, plus audio books, 25 free downloads
Napster: 7 million tracks. 5 MP3s* PLUS a full month of unlimited on-demand streaming for only $5!

More Legal music downloads
Movies are generally AVI files, much smaller than a DVD, but often of comparable quality. These can be played on a PC, or burned to CD or DVD.
Higher definition, DVD quality and iPod version movies are also available.
Legal Movies Downloads
TV shows
Here the argument appears to be that once an episode, whatever, is screened on public TV, it is public domain.
As it might be if you were recording a late night show for a friend on night shift.
From secure servers. No virus problems.
TV Show Downloads
The Dangers of P2P
You install a simple program, on your PC, and it gives you free access to thousands of download servers across the world.
You can download not just music and movies, but all sorts of programs and stuff.
But you really need to know what you are doing.
Some P2P downloads are deliberately mis-labeled and carry a virus.
NEVER connect to P2P without good virus protection on your PC!
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It is known as 'The Nigerian Scam', although it now is operated from many different countries.
Inevitably, they will ask for a sum of money to set it up in their country.
This is all they are after.
Once they have the money, you will never hear from them again.
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